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Yoga outdoors is where it’s at!

john acro yoga 2

Yoga and San Diego go hand and hand…… you’ll find a yoga class around every corner. If you have ever taken a yoga class, you know why it has become so popular. It is not only so effective for toning muscles and building strength, it is a wonderful form of meditation for your mind and soul. You are bound to leave your yoga class with a happy heart!

With our mild climate all year round, we are fortunate enough to
have yoga outdoors. You will find classes all over the city; in grassy
parks, up on gorgeous bluffs over looking the ocean and in the sandon the shoreline of our beautiful coastline.

We have found a very talented and fun yoga teacher who has joined
our team at Pacific Coast Vacation Properties. John Beck teaches in
many places indoors and outside, here in San Diego. He is known for
his acro-yoga, where he spins, tosses and tumbles fellow yogis in the
air. He also loves to spin fire, which is a treat for us to watch.

If you are reading this blog and find yourself in San Diego, whether or not you are renting from PCVP – feel free to catch up to John in Ocean Beach @ 10:30am, on Saturdays and Sundays – just south of lifeguard tower #5. To learn more about John and his public classes, visit his website at: www.sandiegobeachyoga.com

Exclusively for our PCVP tenants, come enjoy a sunset class in the back
yard of one of our own properties, every Saturday evening from 7-8pm.
These classes end with a treat of John spinning fire. For more information
about these private classes or to sign up, contact us @ 858 361 5312.

YogaAndFire John acro yoga john acro yoga 3


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